Mumbaikars are in for a visual treat after the first look of the city’s iconic Ganpati idol Lalbaugcha Raja. 

This time, artists behind the famous Pandal have been abreast with current affairs and chosen India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 as the theme.

The unveiling was witnessed by a large number of devotees and was even live-streamed on the official Twitter handle of Lalbaugcha Raja.

In the theme designed by Nitin Desai, two artificial astronauts can be seen hanging around and a big spacecraft hovering above the Ganesh Idol.

Thousands are expected to throng the ten-day-long festivities at the Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati celebrations. 

The Mumbai police has said that over 14,000 security officers have been deployed across the city ahead of Ganpati festival. 

“From September 2-12 Ganpati festival is going to be celebrated all across Maharashtra. We are going to deploy more than 14,000 officers across the city, the traffic department has also issued certain guidelines, some roads have also been closed for traffic,” Pranay Ashok, Mumbai Police PRO was quoted as saying.

Once the festivities are over, devotes will take the Lalbaughcha idol for for visarjan and immerse it into the Arabian Sea.

Lalbaugcha Raja history: 

The twenty-foot high idol was first installed in 1934. Legend has it that the fisherfolk in the area were forced to vacate the premises by the British who were ruling India. The fisherfolk shifted to another locality but found it difficult to make ends meet in the new locality. 

They collectively prayed to the Lord and soon after their chawl, where they had always been selling their catch was returned to them. 

The fishermen hailed the Lord as one who fulfills all wishes and formed a committee. It was in 1934, that the first ever Lalbaugcha Raja was set up. The idol resembled the fishermen and ever since, every year there is a theme to the idol.

People from across cities, states and even countries make it a point to visit this Pandal in Mumbai.