Like every year, this year too the various Durga Puja pandals decorated across the city are worth a dekko. Sporting a theme with social messages, each pandal here has endeavoured to add a unique hue of distinctive attraction.

After a puja committee designed the Durga Puja pandal in a manner to create awareness about the problem of pollution, another pandal has been made to depict the harmful effects of mobile tower's radiation on birds. The Barisha club has designed the exterior of the pandal with artificial mobile tower and a dish TV antenna along with skeletons of hundreds of birds stuck on the tower who die due to high radiation.


Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata made to depict the harmful effects of mobile tower’s radiation on birds (Photo/ANI)

The interior of the pandal shows goddess Durga without weapons and that her hands are free to give shelter to birds.

Speaking to ANI, Debaprasad Bose, a founding member of the club said, "It is an advantage to have so many mobile towers in the city for communication development but through the concept of this pandal we want to show the abusive and bad effects of these towers on birds. In the interior, Maa Durga has been depicted as 'mother nature' with no weapons and giving the birds shelter in her hands."

With the club having an allocated budget of approximately 45 lakhs, it took over three months for 100 workers to complete the pandal. The club brilliantly executed this powerful idea and message to the mobile companies on its 31st year of Durga Puja celebrations.

The Santoshpur Lake Pally committee has designed the pandal to create awareness about the problem of pollution, which is fast assuming a critical proportion.

While one part of the pandal is made up of polythene bags, plastic bottles, mosquito coils, and crackers while the other parts have been made with air conditioners and loudspeakers.