Bandipur: On Tuesday evening, the forest officials found a tiger's corpse at Gopalswamy Betta range near Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, while they were on their rounds to secure the perimeter.

The corpse was later taken to the vet on November 21 in the presence of range officer Ambadi Madhav. A team was formed, and with the help of an elephant, the forest officials combed the place.

Similarly, a male tiger (around the age of 10 or 12) was found dead near Nagarhole Tiger Reserve on Friday, said an official report released by the officials of Bandipur National Park. The forest officials said that the tiger died due to natural death.

Nonetheless, the forest officials have sent the corpse of the tiger for autopsy to investigate further.

On November 2, tigress Avni was shot dead in Maharashtra. Protests are being staged across the country fighting to bring justice for Avni's death. Save the tiger, they are lives after all.