Delhi: In India, advice is for free and can be good, bad and sometimes ugly. People just love to do moral policing and give suggestions when not needed. In an even that took place last night, a woman was seen shaming a young girl for wearing “short dresses” and told them they would be raped.

She was called out for criticising the dressing of a group of young women at a mall in Delhi. The whole conversation was recorded on a mobile camera, and has now gone viral. 


Last night rapper Raftaar shared the video on his Instagram account captioning it, "This is aunty. Aunty wants women in short dresses to be raped by men. Aunty is the prime example of what’s wrong with society.Dont be like aunty. @sunkissedshitzu sister we are with you. Instagram can go f*#k itsef. Tell them to delete all the propaganda, videos of people harming people and animals (unless they are proofs like this video above), all the stupidity done in the name of humour etc etc first. #auntyjiapologise." (SIC)

In the video, she was seen saying some very disturbing statements like “You’re recording no? Hello guys. These ladies want to wear short to short dresses to encourage all to see them. All these ladies wear short dresses or get naked to [get] raped.”

Later, the group of women asked the middle-aged woman to apologise repeatedly, but she refused. She can be seen strolling through a store at the mall, trying to ignore them. Next, she can be seen asking the store staff to call the police.

Hearing all the uproar, another woman, who is a mother of two girls comes to support the group arguing that no one has the right to school women and tell them what to wear. When asked why small children and elderly women in saris get raped, the woman simply replies, “They [those who rape children or elderly woman] must be psycho.”

The woman is also seen clapping to her own statement, she went on to advise the women's parents to control them and also asked the ladies to spread the video all over India as people need to know her views. 

Post the incident, in another video Shivani narrated the whole story saying, "When we reached there, the lady asked me to 'come here', to which I went over to her. She then said 'sit down'. I then asked her what this was about, a little upset with her condescending tone. She said it was about my dress. She yelled saying 'Aren't you ashamed men are looking at your thighs?'" 

The incident occurred at Nukkadwala restaurant on Sohna Road. Shivani Gupta shared the video on her Facebook profile which led to an outrage on social media.