New Delhi: Google Maps is planning to unveil a feature that will prompt its users to escape a disaster. The feature will use visual tools over their application’s visible screen in order to alert the users about a calamity on their route.

Google is already offering SOS alerts within the current version of its maps. However, this new feature will turn out to be visually interpretative and more useful. Additionally, a special warning card on the Google Maps’ screen will notify the location of an upcoming disaster. Users residing at a safe distance from the disaster can also access Google for related data.

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The feature would provide an option to share the user’s location in a disaster zone with their contacts. This major update is expected to offer hurricane forecast cones, earthquake shake maps, and flood alerts. It is reported that the new feature will only show information taken from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The visual information would primarily focus on a storm’s trajectory, epicentre and magnitude of an earthquake as well as the direction of a flood.

While hurricane and earthquake information will be available globally, Google says that flooding information will be limited to areas of India for now.