The e-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon are really doing a 'shit' job. Yes, you read it right! Flipkart is selling cow dung cakes on its website. Cow dung for Rs 600.  In the Hindu religion, a cow is considered as the most sacred animal, and cow dung is used in various holy customs. Cow dung also is known as 'Upla' is used in many rituals
like 'hawan' (which is a way to offer prayers to the God of fire).

In the list of numerous items, cow dung is a new entry added by Flipkart. The company has mentioned under product information that the product is for decorative purpose, and any secondary use of the product will be at users' own risk. But what decorative purpose can cow dung provide is a question?

The product is also sold in multiple, and ingenious of a product has only 3-star ratings on the shopping website.

Even its not just Flipkart but its competitor Amazon, is also selling cow dung cakes on its website with a 4-star rating and price starting at Rs 649.


Well for Hindus this product holds a lot of respect and is used in various rituals, so it's a great initiative by the companies to make it available for all those people living in metro cities, who need it for various rituals during festivals and can't find it easily.