Bengaluru: One of the basic tenets any elected representative ought to follow when in power is impartiality. All subjects of the state, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or their political inclinations must be treated in a non-partisan manner.

But when it comes to the JD(S), nepotism and family lineage dictate electoral terms and prospects.

Take, for example, how DC Thammanna, a relative of the Gowda family and a minister in the Kumaraswamy Cabinet in Karnataka, raised his voice against Mandya citizens when they came to seek his help. He openly shamed them for voting independent candidate Sumalatha Ambareesh to power. Though Kumaraswamy tweeted his anger and sought to mend fences, he himself is guilty of not practising what he preaches.

Last year (2018), when farmers in Koppal, Karnataka, were protesting for being meted out step-motherly treatment, Kumaraswamy openly criticised them for not voting for him.

He said, “While voting, they (voters) remembered their caste and money. Now, they want me to work.” He made this statement in Channapatna, which is a stronghold of the JD(S).

Kumaraswamy was in the news again for his remarks on Balakot airstrikes conducted by the Indian security forces as a retaliation to Pulwama attacks in February earlier this year.

He said, “Bombing terror cells inside Pakistan aside, by standing on the streets, distributing tea and bursting crackers in celebration of this, the BJP is making way for communal tensions within the country. For your (BJP's) political gain, you are alienating members of one community and in the coming days, this will lead to innocent lives being lost."

Not just the chief minister, his brother HD Revanna too, a PWD minister in his Cabinet is a motormouth.

In the wake of Sumalatha entering the political fray, months after her husband passed away, he had said, “Sumalatha has come to politics. It is not even a few months since her husband passed away."

Though Kumaraswamy had himself apologised for the gaffe of his brother, the uncouth and churlish remarks by the JD(S) never seem to end.

It is better if the Gowda family measures its words. After all, words can heal wounds, and at the same time, words can create deep fissures.