New Delhi: The satta bazaar is betting on the BJP and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to once again form government at the Centre as the 2019 poll exercise comes to an end on Sunday.

The most credible and famous satta or betting market of Phalodi in Rajasthan, on Sunday, said that the BJP on its own would get somewhere between 270 and 290 seats, crossing the halfway mark and thus getting in a position to give Narendra Modi his second consecutive term as the Prime Minister of India.

The NDA, the report from the bazaar said, would get some 305 seats.

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As expected by political pundits too, the Phalodi satta bazaar also believes that the loss of 20-30 seats from Uttar Pradesh for the BJP would be made up for in states such as Odisha and West Bengal where the saffron party is expected to break new ground.

The betting market believes that the BJP would get some 50-60 seats as against the 71 last time in UP, however, the tally in West Bengal is expected to spike from past two times to 18-20 seats this time. For Odisha, the bazaar predicts that the BJP would get 10 out of the 21 seats, 9 more than last time. Together put, the bazaar predicts that BJP will gain 27-29 seats from these two states.

According to the running betting rates in the Phalodi bazaar, the big upswing states for the BJP would be Maharashtra and Karnataka also. The party is expected to get 37-38 seats in Maharashtra — a significant rise from 23 seats in 2014. In Karnataka too the market expects the BJP tally to move up to 23 from 17 in 2014.

The satta market is betting on the NDA to form the government for the second time in a row, with Narendra Modi continuing as the prime minister. After the poll dates were announced, the illegal betting market came out with the number of seats that the BJP would win on May 23. The market is sticking to those numbers, with some minor changes.

The satta market says the party will suffer marginal losses in other big-ticket states such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc. On the contrary, the party is also foretold to be getting marginal gains in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The party would, just as last time, sweep Haryana.