Guntur: Mastanamma's cooking videos are a rage on YouTube. The oldest Youtuber Mastanamma is famous for her country-style cooking including watermelon chicken, tender coconut chicken and vintage-style KFC chicken. 

The video would start with her toothless smile and preparation of fresh ingredients in the midst of green pasture. The first video of her cooking brinjal curry was posted by a media person, who is also a distant relative of Mastanamma, two years ago under the banner ‘Country Foods’. Within no time, the video garnered 75,000 views.

In two years, the channel has garnered over 12 lakh subscribers. Mastanamma from Guntur village lost her husband at the age of 22 and became a star late in her life. She garnered popularity like no one could. 

Mastanamma had five children, but only one of them survived. She worked as a labourer to earn for her daily living till she was 105.

The YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’ is currently run by her grandson and has posted the video of the last journey and funeral of Mastanamma.