Thiruvananthapuram:  Workers of ‘Family Plastics’ in Manvila, who were arrested by the police, have confessed that they are responsible for the fire that broke out in the store. The police proceeded to book them on the basis of CCTV visuals. The accused have been identified as Bimal, a native of Chirayinkeezhu and Binu, a native of Karyavattom. 

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They committed the crime to protest against the reduction in their salaries. They committed the crime after duty at 7 PM. 19-year-old Bimal was the one, who set fire to the store. Binu is about thirty years old. They committed the crime after they were imposed Rs 600 as payroll tax. Police have clarified that Binu is mentally ill.

The police had also questioned four non-Malayalee employees of the company the other day, as CCTV visuals had shown them going up to the fourth floor of the store after work hours. The employees, who have been working for the past 10 years, were taken in to find out why they entered the fourth floor after work hours. The police let them off because there was no proof against them. The focus turned to the two Malayalees in custody after CCTV visuals showed them entering the fourth floor before the fire broke out. 

The fire broke out at around 7 PM in Family Plastics on October 31. There were reports that the same godown had caught fire two days before this incident. Residents also allege that the same people would have done it before.