The father of Sharath Koppu, who was killed in a shootout in the US, today (17 July) demanded justice for his son and wanted to know what exactly happened in Kansas City.

Speaking to MyNation, K Ram Mohan, father of Telangana student Sharath, questioned, "Who is responsible for this? The employer (of the restaurant) had to explain the modus operandi to my son while joining work. But I don't think this happened. Moreover, the media has one thing to say; the police have a different story and the shop owner is saying something else. We don't know how our son really died."

Reacting to reports of Sharath's shooter being gunned down, Mohan said that this news had given the family a little satisfaction but they were still feeling helpless.

"Of course, finding answers will not get us Sharath back, but how can we live if we don't even know what killed him?” Mohan said.

"We demand that the complete CCTV footage be released. We want to know the truth. For example, Srinivas Kuchibhotla was killed in the US because of racial reasons. This issue was raised by every media outlet. But we don't know if something like this has happened with Sharath, too. Was he a victim of a situation or his death was someone's fault, we don't know. I still have my doubts. We will not be in peace until we know the  truth,” Mohan added.

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Speaking about the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s declaration of wanting to approach Sharath's family to convey to them that he had topped two tests, Mohan said that he had not received any message from them.

He said the only information he got was a condolence message sent by the chancellor of the university.

“I want to know if the university is doing anything in memory of Sharath. But in the end, I don't want to be this helpless and I want to know what exactly happened that day,” Mohan said.

Sharath, who was working part-time at a restaurant, was shot by robbers on 6 July in Kansas in the US. His body reached Hyderabad and his last rites were performed on 11 July.

Shooter identified

The Kansas police have released the identity of the person who had shot Sharath. They said that Marlin Mack, 25, was the one who shot Sharath.

As the police found the suspect inside a hotel, he opened fire at the police officers, injuring two of them before he was shot dead by the Kansas Police on 15 July.

The police said they traced Mark after keenly acting on the 40 tips they got from the people on the hotline set up by the cops. But they also said that Mark was never mentioned in any of the crime records prior to this.