Thiruvananthapuram: As the investigation into the death of violinist Balabhaskar proceeds further, more questions are raised. Balabhaskar and his family had met with an accident at Pallipuram near Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, in the early hours of September 25. While Balabhaskar and his wife, Lakshmi were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, their 2-year-old daughter, Tejasvini, unfortunately, died on the spot. Balabhaskar died at the hospital on October 2.

The Kerala Police have found that Arjun, driver of Balabhaskar had been involved in two criminal cases. The case is related to providing aid to a man, who was involved in an ATM robbery. At the same time, Arjun denied these allegations by saying that he has no connection with these cases. Arjun told media that his friends called him and he was unaware of their activities.  

Earlier, it was reported that the Arjun was behind the wheel when the accident occurred. A few days ago, Balabhaskar’s driver Arjun had said to the Kerala Police that Balabhaskar himself had driven the car on September 25.

Later, Balabhaskar's wife Lakshmi had told the police that the driver had been driving while the accident happened. And Balabhaskar had sat at the back seat when the accident occurred. Lakshmi further said that she and her daughter were sitting in the front seat with Arjun. 
According to the latest reports, Arjun still repeats that Balabhaskar was driving the car from Thrissur to Thiruvananthapuram after drinking juice in Kollam.

Arjun also said to media that he knows Balabhaskar for the past 14 years. He also claimed that he is not a driver, but had gone to Thiruvananthapuram in search of a job. 

Earlier, on November 23, Balabhaskhar's family came forward raising suspicion regarding the death and money transactions of the artiste and his daughter.

According to latest reports, the Kerala Police said there were no discrepancies in the financial deals of Balabhaskar. There were also allegations that Balabhaskar had a certain financial deal with a doctor friend and later had a fight with the same doctor. And the doctor is reportedly Arjun's relative.

The police even questioned the doctor and his wife. The couple said to the police that they had taken a loan of Rs 8 lakh from Balabhaskar, which they have returned.

The couple had submitted bank transactions regarding the loan amount too.