VHP and Bajrang Dal staged a road blockade in Hyderabad on Thursday demanding immediate withdrawal of orders externing the head of Sri Peetham of Kakinada Swami Paripoornananda. He has been banished from Hyderabad city for six months.

The members from the fringe groups were arrested and shunted away by police for blocking traffic. The protestors were holding placards and raising slogans, some even squatting on roads.

"Telangana government's order to extern Swami Paripoornananda is an insult to Hindu samaj," VHP Telangana state president Rama Raju told reporters on Wednesday.

He demanded that the Telangana government immediately and unconditionally withdraw the externment orders.

VHP and Bajrang Dal staged the protest against Telangana government demanding that they stop such 'anti-Hindu practices'.

It would also organise a convention of seers soon if the orders are not withdrawn, the VHP leader said.

Rama Raju condemned the preventive arrests of BJP legislators and leaders yesterday over the matter.

Swami Paripoornananda was externed on July 10 for allegedly making provocative speeches targeting other communities and their leaders.