Bengaluru: With a view to swing in more votes in its favour, the BJP is all set to launch a slew of programmes all over the nation. The programmes have been devised in such a way that the booth-level workers feel included and energised and further promulgate the good work done by Narendra Modi to the actual voters.

Feb 26: Kamala Jyoti Deepavali

To be carried out at respective booths, karyakartas will get kamala or lotus-shaped diyas and light them. Scores of booth-level workers are expected to take part in the event, and spread word about all the developmental works taken up by Narendra Modi.

Feb 28: Modi to talk to 50 lakh booth-level karyakartas

In what set the balls rolling for a Guinness record, Prime Minister Modi is all set to talk to a gargantuan 50 lakh workers on a single day. As Modi talks to them, he will educate them on the need to work selflessly and the imperative need to impress upon the electorate through the good work that he has taken up in the last five years.

March 2: A bike rally titled Kamala Sandesh to be held

There are as many as 4215 Assembly constituencies in India. With a view to reach out to voters in these constituencies, a bike rally will be held in all these constituencies with karyakartas trying to reach as many households as possible and educating them on the need to revote Modi as the Prime Minister.

Apart from all these, the BJP has also come up with Bharat ke Mann ki baath Modi ke Saath, an ingenious idea of involving the rank and file, the hoi polloi in charting out the party’s manifesto. Titled Bharat ke Mann ki baath Modi ke Saath, this programme allows the layman to articulate his desires and needs so that they can be incorporated in the manifesto, and later, if Modi is revoted, he will try to address the issues.

The BJP will also raise funds through its NaMo app. People can contribute their might, ranging from Rs 5.

The party is also looking for vistaraks who, akin to an itinerant monk, will be traversing the length and breadth of the state, disseminating information about all the developmental works of the BJP.

Ravi Kumar, state BJP general secretary said, “All these measures have been designed so that people become more aware of Modi’s good works. We are trying to cover as many as 58000 booths. On February 26, when Kamala Jyoti Deepavali takes place, karyakartas will come and place diyas on the boundaries of India maps. These India maps will have a picture of PM Narendra Modi as well.”