Bengaluru: Thick fog and bad weather resulted in diversion of three flights to Chennai on Sunday morning. At least 50 flights were affected and delayed due to fog that loomed the runways of Kempegowda International Airport.

Among the diverted flights, one was a Singapore-Bengaluru flight and another one was Goa-Bengaluru flight.


The temperature in Bengaluru was 6.3 degrees Celsius on Thursday and flight operations were affected and that led to delays of 54 flights. Accordingly, 36 flights ready for take-off and 17 flights expected to arrive at Bengaluru airport were delayed due to bad weather in Bengaluru.

The situation continued on Friday and flight authorities had issued warning notices of delay to their passengers in advance. More than 40 flights were delayed, and operations were suspended from 7.05 am to 8.13 am.