Warangal: On October 27, Sai Baba temple near Pochamma Maidan, Warangal, Telangana, opened the doors to devotees as the priest was preparing for the morning pujas. Like everyday, he played the suprabhatham through the loud speaker at 5.30 AM. But the blaring sound of the morning mantra led to an argument between the priest and a local.

The priest D Satyanarayana and Natiq Hussaini of LB Nagar locked horns over the suprabhatham playing in high decibels through the speaker. According to the cops, when the priest refused to reduce the volume, Hussaini allegedly assaulted Satyanarayana.

Locals intervened and rushed the priest to MGM hospital. Cops say that Satyanarayana is currently being treated at the hospital.

The CCTV in the area has captured the incident. BJP protests led by Warangal urban district president Rao Padma took place immediately. They condemned the attack and demanded the arrest of Hussaini, who was taken into custody by the police later in the evening. 

However, Rao Padma has raised suspicion over the person in custody alleging that his identity differs from the one captured on the CCTV.