Chennai: 25-year-old Abirami, who had murdered her two children to hide her illegal affair with a man, was arrested by the special police on Saturday night in Nagercoil. Today superstar Rajanikanth invited Abirami's husband Vijay and consoled him.

Vijay and his children were die-hard fans of the actor-turned-politician. Earlier, the kids mimicked many of Rajanikanth's punch lines through many apps, and the videos of those acts went viral. 

Vijay and Abirami lived in a rented house in Kundrathur, Chennai.  They got married eight years ago and had two children, Ajay aged 7 and Karunika 4.

A few months ago, Abirami got a new friend in Kundrathur. His name is Sundaram, who worked in a biriyani shop. After a few days, their friendship turned into love.

She called her boyfriend home while her husband went to the office. Abirami's family warned her when they got to know about this relationship. This led to a fight between Abirami and her husband on many occasions.

Abirami eventually made up her mind to abandon her existing family and move with Sundaram for good. But her children were a cause of concern. So Abirami killed her two children ― according to Sundaram. 

On August 30, she administered sleeping pills to her children. In the morning, Karunika was found dead but Ajay woke up. Abirami was shocked. After her husband went to the office, she poisoned her son Ajay and killed him, too.

Vijay got home to realise his children were dead and she had eloped with her boyfriend.

After getting to know of this murder, police caught and arrested Abirami and Sundaram in Nagercoil.