Chennai: The #MeToo campaign that exposes men who sexually abused, harassed women in the shadow of power in various sectors, is turning viral on social media. Now, the campaign has made snacks company in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, popular by the name which their products carry. The company named ‘Me Too’ was established in 2014.

As the #MeToo movement is getting stronger these days, it is also becoming a decisive factor in the sale of their products. They're not using #MeToo. But the owners say that the name Me Too has helped in selling the products.

The owners feel really great about their brand name becoming popular on social media after it was connected to the #MeToo campaign, though in a lighter disposition. The online sales of Me Too products have increased by 20% recently.

“I am not sure whether to use the #MeToo campaign to promote the product as there is apprehension that it could backfire, but we are happy that our product is being widely shared on social media and has become popular due to the campaign,” Mohideen Risvi, one among the directors of the company, told DT Next.