Bengaluru: Smriti Irani, minister for textiles, known for possessing the gift of gab, was in Bengaluru to address the intellectuals. She explained the importance of Modi’s decision to construct toilets, as also the UPA’S avarice or greed to plunder money through lies and deceit.

Having a washroom is no luxury. In fact, it is a necessity. It is mandatory so that it helps relieve ourselves. But for the citizenry of rural India, washrooms were asking for the moon, quite literally! Unable to get access to good sanitation facilities, women were forced to convert roadsides or bushes into virtual washrooms. While that itself was embarrassing and inconvenient, the prospects of getting sexually assaulted during the process only made life hellish and abominable for the women.

"When we tell you that as many as 41% of rural womenfolk were harassed while defecating openly, you will certainly be appalled. But now, things have changed! All thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi," said Irani.

Ever since Mod assumed the office of the Indian Prime Minister, he has laid emphasis on building toilets. While some might scoff at it, the sane will surely nod their heads in approval as 9 crore women have now been given access to toilets by the Modi government, Irani continued.  

Speaking at an event titled ‘Intellectuals Meet’ in Bengaluru, Smriti Irani, the union minister for textiles, was candid enough to share these details. And she didn’t limit herself to toilets.

Taking a dig at the UPA which was in power from 2004-2014, the minister revealed that there were as many as 8 crore fictitious families deriving benefits from government subsidies, worth Rs 1600 crore. But as and when Modi took charge as the Prime Minister, he tightened the noose and ensured that the numbers plummeted drastically, she added.

Times change. So do the political strategies to win the confidence of the people. The latest weapon being used by the opposing parties in the Centre is the weapon of ‘coming together’ or what is formally called Mahaghatbandhan, said Irani. 

Recently all top leaders – from HD Deve Gowda to Stalin – exhibited unity in Kolkata to fell the Modi government. Whether they succeed or not is a moot point, but Smriti Irani was of the opinion that the members of the Mahaghatbanhan were in cahoots with each other to loot, plunder and amass wealth. But she eloquently signed off: “Modi stands between the Mahaghatbandhan and your pockets.”

“Mahaghatbandhan have each other to support them, but Modi has you (the citizens of the country),” Irani concluded.