Bengaluru: Sex ratio at birth is awful in Punjab and Haryana. Now, data from 2007 to 2016 indicates dip in sex ratio at birth across southern states excluding Kerala.

According to reports, data collected by the Registrar General of India office shows that Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan had the worst sex ratio at birth in 2016. In Tamil Nadu, the sex ratio at birth dropped from 935 in 2007 to 840 in 2016 with a -93 in the overall change.

Similarly, Telangana also saw a drop in sex ratio. When the state was formed, numbers fell from 954 in 2013 to 881 in 2016. Andhra Pradesh saw a dip from 974 (2013) to 806 in 2016. While Andhra and Telangana were bifurcated in 2013, both the states have witnessed a severe dip in sex ratio.

Karnataka witnessed a decline from 1004 to 896. Ever since 2011, Karnataka achieved 98% birth rate and sex ratio at birth of 983. Kerala, which had a good ratio has also continued to improve. In 2016, the sex ratio at birth reached 980.

The TOI reported that the chances of males have a higher risk of dying than females not only due to sex differentials, but with external causes such as violence, accidents and war. Hence, the natural ratio is considered to be around 105 males being born to every 100 females.