Pamba: Sabarimala opened for ‘Chithira Attavisesham’ day, which marks the birth anniversary celebration of Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma, the head of the Travancore royal family in Sabarimala.  A young woman reached Pamba seeking protection to visit Sabarimala shrine. Husband and two children accompanied Cherthala native Anju.

The woman took the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus from Nilakkal at 5 pm and arrived at Pamba around 6pm. Her husband and two children were with her. They then reached the police control room and spoke with officials about the security measures. 

Police said that they are examining the woman's background. The top police officers are discussing the matter with the woman. Police are trying to convince the woman of the situation in Sannidhanam.

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Meanwhile, protesters have blocked a group of women with their family, who reached Pamba for their baby's Choroonu ceremony, where the baby is fed rice for the first time. The family wanted to visit Pamba's Ganapathi temple for their baby's Choroonu ceremony when protesters mistook them for attempting to enter Sabarimala and blocked their way.

 As the Sabarimala temple opened at 5 pm on Monday for Chithira Attam, more than 15 women police officers above the age of 50 positioned themselves in different parts of Sannidhanam. The team of women police constables at Sannnidhanam is being led by officers in the ranks of circle inspector and sub-inspector. As soon as they reached Sannidhanam, the women cops offered their prayers to the deity, though the temple was closed then.