Pathanamthitta: Two women started to trek towards Sabarimala on Monday morning, but returned without darshan at the famous shrine. Koyilandy native Bindu and Malappuram's Kanakadurga attempted entry into the Sabarimala temple but were stopped. 

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The two women said that they would not return without a ‘darshan’ at Sabarimala, but police had to take them back due to security issues. Bindu said that they would trek to the temple because police had promised to escort them to Sannidhanam.

Bindu earlier said that those who stage protests are violating the law. In reply, many Keralites and other people from different parts of the world have questioned the grounds of Bindu’s statement by asking, who is Bindu to say that the devotees are violating the law? Does she know the Indian constitution and details of the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala?

According to research by MyNation, Bindu hails from Pathanamthitta district. She completed her studies from Government Law College Ernakulam. Earlier she worked in Markaz Law College as an assistant professor and has also taught in many other colleges. She is a guest lecturer at School of Legal Studies, Thalassery campus, Kannur University. She has been teaching in the Thalassery campus for about a year. She lives in Kozhikode. 

While her academic and work profile seem clean, her students claim that there something strange about this woman who tried to enter the Sabarimala temple.

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Bindu's students at the School of Legal Studies, Thalassery campus, Kannur University have shared their opinions.

"Bindu ma'am behaved differently in classrooms. We often couldn't understand what she was trying to teach, she gives long lectures that have no meaning," said Bindu's student, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

"She always tried to interfere in others’ lives, not only in academics but in her students' personal lives too. She always wanted herself to be the face of everything in college programmes, fests, etc. It is also heard that she is from an Adivasi community and maybe that has made her feel insecure, so she tries to be part of everything," said another student from the School of Legal Studies.

"She never gave us any clue that she is going to visit Sabarimala. She might have been scared that one among us might spread this information to others and block her journey to the famous shrine," said another student.

"There are rumours in college that Bindu ma'am is a part of a naxal outfit, and she behaves weirdly in college. Her statements always confuse students, and we never understand what she speaks," another student added.

Her qualifications would suggest that she understands the law of the land. Though opinions from students do not glaringly prove otherwise or tie her to a naxal outfit explicitly, it points to the oddities that surround the Sabarimala hopeful.