1. Country:  Formerly called the Republic of Upper Volta, it is today known as Burkina Faso

When:  Dec 11, 1958
What happens on Republic Day: The colours red, green and gold are prominently displayed on the day. Flags are displayed around the country’s building and shops.  Its capital Ouagadougou celebrates it with pomp and show as military trucks and planes that make their presence felt.

2. Country: Iran
When: April 1, 1979
What happens on Republic Day: Parades happen displaying army might, and generally people get together over this public holiday.

3. Country: Taiwan

When: October 10, 1911
What happens on Republic Day: Known as “Double 10”, it is also the anniversary of the Chinese Revolution.   On this day, parades, floats and display of military strength take place in front of officials and politicians along with speeches.

4. Country: Laos 
When:  December 2, 1975
What happens on Republic Day: Dancing at the That Luang temple and parades are the order of the day.

5. Country: Niger

When: Dec 18, 1958
What happens on Republic Day: Public parties, festivities, official festivals take place. The whole country is decorated with colours of the flag – orange and green. There are also political speeches that take place. In addition, musical concerts and other art exhibitions take place on this day.