New Delhi: Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Monday referred to Mizoram as Manipur in a Facebook post. He posted the link of an article about a school in Mizoram opening its doors to girls after over 50 years. He accompanied it with the caption: “These girls at the Sainik School in Manipur are proof of this. My best wishes to these brave, inspiring children. You are the future of India. You make us all proud.”

The post was soon deleted and Gandhi put up the post with the correct caption.

However, the glitch did not escape the public eye, with BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya posting a screenshot of the deleted post on social media. Malviya said that this ignorance about northeastern states is ‘problematic’.

Malviya then took a jibe at the Congress president and told him to write ‘Mizoram and Manipur are two different states’ a hundred times.

He tweeted, “Rahul Gandhi go and write this a hundred times, “Mizoram and Manipur are two different states in the North East of India and I will remember that for the rest of my term as President of the Congress party!” (Edits note after being called out!)”.

This is not the first time Gandhi posted incorrect information on social media. 

In 2016, he posted a table with details about the rise in prices of certain commodities like LPG, lentils, tomatoes, onions, and milk on Twitter. However, he got the numbers wrong and later deleted the tweet.

Gandhi’s faux pas exposed him to trolling, humiliation and criticism ahead of polls in the northeastern state in November.