Bengaluru: Radar Speed Signboards, known as RSS, have been installed by the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) to control overspeeding vehicles in the city. Currently, it is being taken up as a pilot project and will be installed all over the city, if the experiment is successful.

Accordingly, RSS have been installed along Hebbal-Yelahanka flyover stretch. This was necessary after complaints of vehicles speeding more than the limit on this flyover, especially the vehicles racing to the airport. The maximum speed for the cars is 80 kmph on this stretch.

If the pilot project is successful, Bengaluru will soon see these RSS on at least 50 junctions. Currently, the RSS shows the speed of the vehicle from 50 metres away.

What are Radar Speed Signboards?

Radar Speed Signboards are signs made up of LEDs, put up to display the speed of a vehicle (on the extreme right lane) as it approaches the tool. It is a warning sign to the motorists if they are overspeeding. This system is used as an alternate to speed humps.

At a time when people break traffic rules including signals, we need to wait and see if people will voluntarily slow down to the warning of the RSS.