Amritsar:  In Amritsar, several government employees were happy after they found they were paid a "double salary" for the month of October, and they assumed that the Punjab government gave them a Diwali gift.

But their happiness was short-lived when they were told that the extra amount was credited to their bank accounts by mistake and they should not withdraw the additional money paid to them, officials said.

District treasury officer AK Maini sent a notice to the heads of all the government offices saying that two salaries were paid by mistake and shortly the extra amount would be taken back.

On being contacted, Maini said it has happened not only in Amritsar, but throughout Punjab because of some technical snag in the software of the government's treasury department.

He said a majority of the government employees were paid double salary for the month of October.

Mr Maini said all the government departments, including education, were told not to withdraw the second salary and within a day, one salary would be taken back by the treasury department.

He said in Amritsar district alone, around Rs. 40 to 50 crore excess payment had been made to employees.