Tonk: Reiterating that India won’t take it lying down, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again vowed revenge for the Pulwama attack.

Addressing a huge gathering, Narendra Modi said the government would no more tolerate the attacks against the army and emphasised India knows how to crush terror.

Modi added that every major institution in the world is united against the terrorist attack that took place in Pulwama. He urged the people to trust the soldiers on the border and trust his government as well. With the blessings of Goddess Bhavani, Modi added, India would take revenge.

“Peace,” Modi said “cannot be established until and unless terror factories are shut down.” And with this mind Modi said, “The government is trying to stop the flow of water to Pakistan.”   

He also said that he is proud of the brave soldiers, who in 100 hours, killed the mastermind linked with the attack, right at his place. Modi also said that every Indian is with the army of the country. However, he regretted that a handful of people are speaking the language of Pakistan while living in India.

“These are the same people who go to Pakistan and ask for the removal of Modi. These are the same people who cannot show the courage to answer the perpetrators of terror after the Mumbai attacks. Such people are neither the country's youth nor the farmers of the country,” Modi said.