New Delhi: Sindh nationalist and anti-Pakistan imperialism activist Shafi Burfat on Saturday exposed Pakistan’s role in breeding terrorism. He urged India to destroy all Pak military and naval establishments, but spare civilians in Sindh in case of an attack

Burfat dissociated his community from the Pakistan establishment, assuring they would not help the Pak army with “even a glass of water”.

Burfat is the founder and current chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), a liberal political party in Pakistan’s Sindh province. The activists and a part of the population believe in the freedom of ‘Sindhudesh’ from Pakistan. Burfat is a fugitive in hiding for the last 24 years.

On April 1, 2013, Burfat’s party met with the same fate as other liberals. The Pakistani home ministry declared JSMM as a terrorist organisation and banned it. Agencies added Burfat to their Red Book for his alleged separatist actions against Pakistan.

Burfat released a video on Twitter calling out Pakistan as the breeding ground for terrorism and addressed Indian political and military leadership, media and intellectuals.

“Pakistan is a rogue nation and its army and other establishments meddle in India and repeatedly sponsor terrorism. As a representative of the Sindhis, I want to say to Indians that we as a community dissociate ourselves from the nefarious activities of Pakistan and its army,” he said.

“The Punjabi army of Pakistan meddles and exports terrorism to India. When the Indian army attacks, we Sindhis are the first to suffer. Why should we suffer for Pakistan’s misdeeds? I call upon the Sindhi community to dissociate ourselves from Pakistan. When India attacks we Sindhis, Pashtuns and Balochs will not stand with Pakistan army,” Burfat said.

“I want to tell the political leadership of India that if it retaliates to the war that has been thrust on it by Pakistan, we Sindhis do not consider India to be our enemy or adversary,” he said. “If India promises us that they will not attack and destroy our civilian works such as irrigation system, we shall not give the Pak army even a glass of water. They can destroy, however, the military and naval establishments in Sindh.”