New Delhi: While the government of Pakistan is creating a ruckus over the alleged ‘arrest’ of a Pakistani diplomat over a ‘minor altercation’, the truth is completely different.

The incident brought to light how Pakistani diplomats behave with women in public spaces. MyNation investigated the matter and sought out the truth.

The event has exposed Pakistani diplomat M Shuaib, who molested a girl in Delhi’s famous Sarojini Nagar market.  According to the documents accessed by MyNation, the diplomat inappropriately touched the girl, who hails from Manipur. 

The girl’s uncle got a call from Shuaib after he threatened her. In a letter to the police, the uncle wrote, “I came to know that a man has inappropriately touched her backside”.

Interestingly, even after molesting a woman and providing a written apology, Pakistan has filed a complaint with the Ministry of External Affairs over his ‘detention’, based on false facts.

According to the police, when the diplomat was briefing the cops about the incident, he misbehaved with them as well. However, he accepted his mistake later.

The police couldn’t figure out Shuaib’s written apology at first because it was written in poor English. It seemed as if he was accusing the victim for the incident.

“Today at about 1530 hrs I was in Sarojini Nagar market New Delhi due to heavy rush one girls without extensively touch my hand & she thought that this act was intentional. I sorry her at the spot/place however in future I shall be very careful. In this incident I say again sorry,” the diplomat said in his written apology.

The Pakistani media has reported the incident without verifying the facts. 

“The sources said that the High Commission’s official was arrested by the Indian authorities and was released a few hours later. They said the official was forced to sign a note before being released when the matter was immediately taken up with the Indian side.” Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported.

However, the truth is that after Shuaib apologised in writing, he requested the police not to take any action. The victim’s uncle, in his letter to the police, wrote that they have ‘forgiven’ him after his apology.