Bengaluru: The news of two independent MLAs R Shankar and H Mahesh withdrawing their support extended to the JD(S)- Congress alliance government has resulted in a wave of developments in both the BJP and the Congress-JD(S) alliance. Former chief minister, Congress leader Siddaramaiah's tweet regarding this has drawn flak from the state BJP leaders.

When news of two independent MLAs withdrawing support broke in the state, Siddaramaiah tweeted that even BJP leaders are in talks with Congress, hinting there was a chance of more people shifting parties.

Siddaramaiah criticised the BJP and blamed the party for destabilising the government. He took a dig at BJP's claim of having Saaf Niyat (clean or pure intentions) and questioned if destabilising a stable government can be called saaf niyat.

To this comment, MP, BJP leader Rajeev Chandrasekhar took Siddaramaiah to task and said, “Siddaramaiah talking about Niyat is like Rahul Gandhi talking about corruption.”

Earlier, BJP veteran leader Suresh Kumar countered Siddaramaiah's claim that even the BJP leaders are in contact with Congress leaders and termed it 'Aane Pataki,' meaning most overrated false claim.

Siddaramaiah also had tweeted about 'Operation Lotus' and said that it is not new. He also said that the party (BJP) will indulge whenever they feel politically threatened.


Reacting to the tweet, BJP leader CT Ravi tweeted: "If there is something such as operation Congress, it is called a political move. If MLAs harassed by the government join hands with BJP, it is deemed a threat to democracy?”


There is speculation that resort politics will return in Karnataka and both the BJP and the Congress-JD(S) alliance will try to safeguard their MLAs.

Congress Karnataka in-charge KC Venugopal reached Karnataka to tackle the situation and deter attempts of defection.

Yeddyurappa has announced that Karnataka will receive good news in the coming days.  He came down heavily on Siddaramaiah's tweet on threat to democracy and questioned the Congress leader, "When the people of Karnataka voted the BJP to majority (single largest party in the last assembly elections), you had no shame to join hands with the JD(S) and form a khichdi (mixed) government. Where was your sense of democracy?"

The withdrawal of two independent supporters has brought the strength of Karnataka government down to 118 in the 224-member Assembly. BJP has 104 MLAs and possibly two more with independents leaning towards the BJP.