Kolkata: Fifteen puppies were brutally killed and dumped in plastic bags in a parking lot at NRS Medical College and Hospital at Kolkata. An adult dog, which was heavily injured, was found tied up in a disposable bag.

When the brutality was discovered, two puppied were still breathing. The animals were rushed to a veterinary clinic but one of the puppies died shortly after. According to reports, they were suspected poisoned and beaten to death. 

An FIR was registered under section 429 of the IPC. When Kolkata Municipal Corporation van came to clean the carcasses, activists staged protests and demanded proper post-mortem.

The puppies had injury marks all over their bodies, especially on their faces and eyes. Initial investigation suggest that the puppies were killed 24 hours before they were dumped.

The police went through the CCTV footages to get hold of the culprit. Some eyewitnesses said that they saw two women dropping the packets. 

A video shot from a mobile camera from the second floor of R Ahmad Dental College Hostel makes a nursing student of the NRS Medical College the prime suspect.

Finally, the Kolkata Police arrested two nursing students after interrogating the hostel inmates for hours.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that such an incident was reported from the city of joy. In 2016, 16 dog carcasses were found from a housing society in south Kolkata. It was suspected that the RWA members were behind the mass killing.

Again in 2017, 22 stay dogs were brutally killed in suburban Kolkata.