Bengaluru: In an event to launch the indigenous 3DR Stereotactic system in Bengaluru, defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman took an indirect jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his 'Make In India' remarks earlier this week.

Sitharaman said, “I don’t mind being political. There are some, who make fun of the 'Make in India' concept. But there are three different people sitting here (on the stage). One is a doctor, one is a life sciences expert and the other is an entrepreneur. All these three have come together to make India proud by launching a service that will be made in India and help Indians in a number of ways. It is important to believe in ourselves and go forward by imbibing good qualities that we see in other countries.”

Earlier, the Congress scion had tweeted lampooning remarks against PM Narendra and his 'Make in India' concept in the immediacy of the Vande Bharat Express being launched. After the launch, the Vande Bharat express had developed a glitch. Trying to take advantage of the situation, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted thus:

Of course, railways minister Piyush Goyal was not the one to be quiet. He shot back in his own style.

This is certainly not the first time that Rahul Gandhi has chosen to mock the Prime Minister and his initiatives. The recent CAG report on the Rafale allegations have muted the president of Congress to the point of humiliation and embarrassment as well.

More on 3DR Stereotactic System:

Stereotactic surgery is a specialised procedure evolved to access deep-seated areas of the human brain. This is achieved through a mathematical mode of reaching a point in space by calculating the depth and using the X,Y and Z coordinates. This requires a device to enable us to calculate such measurements precisely. This system is used to access any part of the brain with precision up to 1mm.