New Delhi: A recent World Economic Forum report stated that the top 10 fastest growing cities in the world are all in India. Political scientist Ian Bremmer took to Twitter to give a list of the cities, which are predicted project the highest GDP growth between 2019 to 2035.
While the first two cities were Surat and Gujarat with a prediction of 9.2 % and 8.6 % year-on-year GDP growth respectively, the list ended with Chennai and Vijayawada. What is more proud for India is that none of the city predicted growth less than 8.16%.

How it happened

An article, produced by the collaboration of The European Sting with the World Economic Forum, explained:

“Consumer spending in India is on the cusp of remarkable transformational change over the next decade. The emerging middle class in Indian cities is at the forefront of the anticipated boom. This transformation will create substantial public and commercial opportunities across India for cities to become more integrated in the global economy, enabling sustainable development and greater upward social mobility for Indian consumers.”

Meanwhile, experts believe that the GDP of all Asian cities will be greater than the combined growth of North American and European cities by 2027.

According to reports, Oxford Economics surveyed more than 780 cities and their economy for the report.