New Delhi: Saddled with carrying his party in five state Assembly elections, Prime Minister Modi has kept a busy schedule on the diplomatic front too.

Notwithstanding intense travel and incessant electioneering in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi made time to visit Singapore and Maldives during these campaign. And, now the prime minister is travelling to Argentina to attend the G20 summit, in the midst of campaigning for the Rajasthan and Telangana elections.

While PM Modi started his campaign on November 23 from Mizoram, he has been on the campaign trail every day. Since Mizoram, PM Modi has campaigned across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana in the last six days.

Wednesday saw him address two election rallies in Rajasthan covering seven hours’ distance by both plane and chopper. Barely ninety minutes after landing back in Delhi, the prime minister emplaned for Argentina.

The PM’s plane would land in Buenos Aires after a 25-hour flight, punctuated by a short technical halt in Cape Town in South Africa.

Incidentally, PM Modi would be in Buenos Aires only for so many hours as he would be flying in and out. His stay would last for just over 50 hours, over two nights. In these 50 hours, the prime minister has crunched in over 25 scheduled engagements and meetings.

His engagements in the Argentine capital would include several sessions of the G20 summit, meetings on the sidelines of the summit, including the BRICS informal meeting, and bilateral meetings with various world leaders.

Besides the scheduled time table of the PM, he is expected to engage informally with several leaders as well. An important item on his itinerary is to attend and address a “Yoga for Peace” event in Buenos Aires.

PM Modi would return to India in the wee hours of December 3, only to take off again within 12 hours to resume his political campaigning in Rajasthan and Telangana for the next two days. The prime minister would recommence campaigning from Jodhpur and Hyderabad on his day of arrival.