Raipur: Attacking the Congress over its poll promise to waive-off farmers’ loan, which emerged as a key issue for all the parties during Chhattisgarh elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated “the same promise was made to farmers during elections in Karnataka but even after a year, the promise is yet to be fulfilled. Instead, the government is issuing warrants and also arresting farmers against whom loan debts are pending.” 

Addressing a poll campaign in Chhattisgarh’s Mahasamund district today, the PM said, “Congress makes fake promises. They must answer what they did for the welfare of our farmers when they ruled for four generations. They kept the farmers in distress. If they would have strengthened the farmers and fulfilled their requirements, our farmers would have been prosperous.” 

Raman Singh-led BJP government in the state has ensured soil health card to 75 lakh farmers while the Congress has failed to provide health cards to even humans, said PM Modi.

In Chhattisgarh, Singh, along with his team and the participation of the people, have taken the state to newer heights, said Modi, elaborating, “but Raman too faced many challenges. For ten years, the Centre was ruled by a 'remote-control' government which never paid attention towards the state.” 

Calling upon people to vote the BJP to power in the state again, the Prime Minister said, “Chhattisgarh is 18 years old now. It is a very crucial phase for the state. Just like parents care for the future of their children when they turn 18, I urge the people of the state to think about the welfare of the state and once again give us the chance to serve”.

He further questioned the Congress rule in the state. “What was the fate of people? They only thought about the welfare of one family but never gave a thought about the welfare of people. How can we trust them that they will fulfill aspirations of people now?” he said.

PM Modi pointed out that “everyone knows what the Congress did to Sitaram Kesri Ji when he was the Congress party president. I challenge the Congress to select someone capable as their party president who doesn't belong to that one family”.

Accusing the Congress to be responsible for rising NPA, PM Modi alleged that Congress believed in 'telephone-banking' which ruined the banks. A phone call from them would get loans for the cronies cleared and the nation had to suffer.