Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala minister KT Jaleel of Communist Party of India (Marxist)has denied the nepotism allegations raised by the Muslim Youth League against him. He said that the claims are baseless.  

Muslim Youth League (MYL) state general secretary PK Firoz,  said to media that he has several pieces of evidence which prove that the nepotism allegations raised against minister KT Jaleel are true. 

Firoz alleged that minister’s relative Adeeb was appointed undersecretary of the finance department and SBI regional manager. He also said that all other officials except Adeeb are government staff, which gives further evidence for the allegation.

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“Adeeb was appointed while they rejected an application submitted by a deputy general manager of the corporation. All four government staff who appeared for the interview qualified the deputation. Two of them had more educational qualification than Adeeb. We have obtained the records proving this through Right To Information act (RTI),” he clarified.

Muslim League leadership has clarified that they are ready to take up the challenge raised by KT Jaleel to file a legal case in the issue. However, Jaleel says that Adeeb’s appointment was made inappropriately. It has been hinted that Adeeb will be removed from the position following the allegations.

Jaleel said, "RBI will not give license if a number of bad debts are huge. The appointment was made in this situation. We had received seven applications for the post. Three people appeared for the interview. However, we could not find a suitable candidate. Then we changed the criteria of educational qualification as more people can attend the interview. Youth league has no clue about this and they are raising baseless allegations." 

"No one can deny opportunities for someone, just because they are minister's relative. I have not done anything against the law. There is no need of any investigation," he clarified.