The Mumbai police used an innovative way to create awareness among people about the need to wear helmet for road safety.

The tweet attracted many replies which surprised the police department. Many Twitter users pointed out that the cops themselves failed to use helmets while riding bikes. They posted photos and stated, “Wear a helmet for you too.”


Some even took the tweet as a chance to make pun and put out messages like, "The Hulk in the poster looks like he is going for a battle, if we too do the same on the road you will arrest us (sic)."


Even Bengaluru police are trying novel ways to create awareness about using helmet. It used Yamraj, the God of death, warning people to wear helmets.

In recent times police departments across India have used social media platforms to create awareness on road safety.

However, some of these efforts have really gone wrong just like how the Jaipur  police put out a tweet against Kiki challenge by projecting a Kerala man (who is alive) as dead.

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