Jaipur police were slammed for their creativity which went horribly wrong as they used a photo of a living man to make him look like dead as a victim of Kiki challenge.

A photo of a young man had a garland and captioned, "In loving memory of KK, Loving boyfriend to Kiki, died while doing the Shiggy.”

The photo also had the date "From February 1995 to July 2018". This was released by Jaipur police department on its official Twitter page.

The tweet also had a warning, "Don't challenge death. Be wise - keep away from silly stunts & advise your friends as well to stay safe."


This enraged the Twitterati who started trolling Jaipur police.

Reports claimed that the man was not asked any permission to use his photo for this warning message.

The man in the photo is identified as Jawahar Subhash Chandra from Kochi, Kerala.

As the post went viral, Jawahar was inundated with calls from relatives and friends, who were shocked.

Another interesting fact is that Jawahar has never attempted Kiki challenge and it is said that his image was used from a stock photo of a modelling assignment.

Twitterati took Jaipur police to task terming their actions as “nonsense” and “distasteful”.

Here are some angry tweets aimed at Jaipur police: