New Delhi: Former minister and journalist MJ Akbar was recently accused by a US-based journalist, Pallavi Gogoi, of raping her. 

In an article for The Washington Post, Gogoi had written that the incident allegedly took place 23 years ago when she was working with an Indian newspaper. Akbar was then serving as the editor of the said newspaper. She wrote, "When I checked back, Akbar said I could come to discuss the story in his hotel in Jaipur, far from Delhi. In his hotel room, even though I fought him, he was physically more powerful. He ripped off my clothes and raped me. Instead of reporting him to the police, I was filled with shame. I didn’t tell anyone about this then. Would anyone have believed me? I blamed myself. Why did I go to the hotel room?"

Meanwhile, the minister's wife, Mallika, issued a statement refuting the allegations saying that Akbar had an extramarital affair with Gogoi. In her statement, she said that the former journalist chose to "prioritise" his family after she confronted him with evidence of his extra-marital relationship with Pallavi. 


MJ Akbar himself denied the allegations in a separate statement and claimed that he was in a consensual relationship with Pallavi. He also said that this "consensual relationship ended, perhaps not on [the] best note".   

The Washington Post also claimed to have got in touch with the former minister's lawyer Sandeep Kapur regarding these accusations and received the response, “My client states that these [incidents and allegations] are false and expressly denied.”


However, speaking exclusively to Sirf News unnamed former colleagues of the US-based journalist are also rubbishing her allegations. The portal's report read: A former colleague of Akbar said, “It is none of anyone’s business who did what to climb the ladder of success. But to turn around after 25 years and make such grave charges, is criminal.”

Now working with a television channel, the woman journalist said, “The whole thing is a huge conspiracy. Some have got dragged into it because of the “cause”. But there are a few masterminds. Things will come to light. Wait and see!”

 Another source questioned Gogoi’s motive thus: “Isn’t it curious that she confessed only to Tushita Patel who is Vijay Mallya’s right hand and wife of Aakaar Patel of Amnesty India who just got raided by the ED?”