Three days after the suicide of Anissia Batra, daughter of a retired Major General, Delhi Police on Monday arrested her husband and the prime accused in the case, Mayank Singhvi. 

Earlier, police reacted to the allegation of delaying the investigation under political pressure levelled by Anissia's family. The police on 16 July defended its investigation and claimed that there was no need to seal the premise where the air hostess was found dead on Friday.

Karan Batra, brother of Anissia, claimed that Delhi Police took 72 hours to react to the incident, unmindful of the fact that the case belonged to a retired Major General who had served the nation for 40 years.


He claimed that the police did not seal the premise, which helped Singhvi destroy the evidence. The family of the victim said that Mayank used to mentally and physically torture Anissia, which led to the suicide. Mayank and Anissia had got married in 2016.

“A PCR call from Max Hospital that an injured has been admitted in the hospital. Police went to the hospital and found Anissia dead. On Friday around 4.30, Anissia had a fight with her husband. After that she jumped from the terrace. She sustained injuries and succumbed to death. Crime team was called and Family members were informed,” DCP South, Romil Baniya said.

According to the police, the next day when the parents reached Delhi, their statements were recorded in front of the magistrate who alleged dowry harassment. Mayank and his family has been asked to join the investigation. “We have requested the Banks to seize the account. There's an allegation that a flat in Vasant Vihar was sold off by the deceased which triggered the argument which allegedly took the life of Anissia,” Baniya said.

Before jumping from the terrace she texted her husband that she was going to jump from the terrace. A labourer working in a neighbouring flat said someone had jumped, and then he triggered the alarm.

The investigation into the death has found that on 27 June the couple had had a fight, after which the family of the dead woman lodged a police complaint, too. In the complaint, the family wrote that if anything happened to Anissia , her husband would be responsible. Delhi Police have seized a BMW of the accused, a diamond ring of the dead and mobile phones of both.