Mumbai: Muzzammil Syed, arrested for the murder of 20-year–old model Mansi Dixit, confessed of his crime on Thursday. 

Dixit's body was found packed in a suitcase at the Mindspace area in Malad on Monday. According to a Hindustan Times report, the 19-year-old Syed confessed of having killed Dixit after the latter turned down his demand for sexual favour. 

According to the report, an enraged Syed hit Dixit on the head with a stool. When she regained consciousness, he strangled her with a rope. He then packed Dixit's body in a suitcase and dumped it in an isolated location in Malad.

Dixit hailed from Rajasthan and had come to Mumbai with an ambition of getting into the modelling/film industry. There she came in contact with Syed through social media. Dixit was closely known to the accused Syed.

Syed had allegedly assaulted his mother three years ago, but his family had put the matter under the carpet then with his mother saying that she had crashed into a cupboard, according to the security guard of the building, where Syed used to stay.