Madhya Pradesh: Nearly 200 devotees fell ill and were hospitalised after having mawa laddoo as prasad in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh.

The mawa laddoos were prepared and distributed by the women in Damoh as a Sharad Purnima prasad.

Kamla, a woman who was admitted to a private hospital, said, “My children had laddoos, I also ate some. A few minutes later, I started vomiting”.

"All the patients had similar symptoms and a common reason. It's either a case of food poisoning or could also be an infection due to unhygienic mawa preparation," said Dr Amit Prakash Jain from Damoh district hospital. 

Many people suffered from food poisoning after they had the laddoo, and complained of feeling sick and nauseated.

The district authorities have initiated an investigation.