As Kodagu in Karnataka and Kerala are completely affected by floods, incessantly rain and frequent landslides are making rescue operations all the more difficult. 

At this point, every news circulated on social media - from bridge collapses to houses getting destroyed - is only adding to people’s anxiety. Sadly, taking advantage of the situation, some people are seen spreading fake news on Whatsapp about Harangi dam in Kodagu, Karnataka, developing cracks. 

This news spread quickly and people residing in and around started panicking and were getting ready to vacate their houses. But in reality, Harangi dam stands strong.

Cauvery Basin Irrigation Corporation Limited (government body) has sent out a circular in this regard and has assured that the dam is safe. 

The letter reads:

"The Harangi dam in Kodagu district is safe. It has come to the notice of the department that some rumour mongers have spread fake news on WhatsApp that the dam has developed cracks. Thus, the public is hereby asked to no believe these fake news and need not panic."