Delhi: The Supreme Court will hear the review petitions of the Sabarimala verdict on February 6. A total of 49 review petitions have been filed before the court. The Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala last year had triggered massive protests across Kerala. 

Meanwhile, Kerala state government changed their statement on the number of women who entered the Sabarimala temple. In the Assembly meeting on Monday, Devaswom minister Kadakampally Surendran said that as per the report of the Sabarimala executive officer, only two women entered the shrine. 

Surendran also said that there is still no confirmation on whether the Sri Lankan native entered the shrine or not. As per the Kerala government's earlier reports, at least 51 women, under the age of 50, had entered the Sabarimala shrine in this season. 

One of the review pleas said that the verdict "without holding that the questions raised related to matters of religion which are not within judicially manageable standards, the majority decision in substance has the effect of holding that the character of the deity can be altered based on individual faith and belief, in violation of the tenets of a particular religion and or religious sect".

The petitioners have also said that the verdict has "legal errors" and the assumption of the temple practice being based on notions of menstrual impurity is "factually erroneous".

Those who have filed a review petition:

1. Kannur Rajeevan

2. Nair Service Society (General Secretary Sukumaran Nair)

3. Shylaja Vijayan and others

4. Chetana Conscience  for women 

5. People for Dharma 

6. Intercontinental association of lawyers

7. The Panchalam Palace Team

8. Sabarimala Rashtriya Conservation Forum

9. Madurai Samiti, Kerala Protection Committee

10. Kerala Temple Protection Committee

11. The Chief Tantri

12. Akhila Bharatiya Malayali Sangh (General Secretary)

13. Akhila Bharatiya Malayali Sangh (General Secretary)

14. Usha Nandini V

15. Samastha Nair Women's Samaj

16. Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam

17. S Jaya Raj Kumar, President Vishwa Hindu Parishad

18. All Kerala Brahmin Association

19. Dr PK Shibu

20. Akhil Bharatiya Ayyappa Dharm Pracharana Sabha

21. Deepak Prabhakaran

22. Akhil Bharatiya Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam

23. Nair Service Society (Delhi Unit)

24. Prayer Gopala Krishnan

25. All Religious Affinity movement

26. Global Nair Seva Samaj

27. Travancore Devaswom Employees Front (President)

28. Rajitha TO

29. Rajashree Chowdhury and others

30. Malabar Temple Trust Committee 

31. Vaikom Gopakumar

32. The Divine Trust Trust

33. Mohan Maavilakkandy and others

34. K Uma Devi

35. All Kerala Brahmin Federation

36. True Trust & others 

37. Satheesh Nair & Others

38. Aneesh K Varki and others

39. The Sabarimala Rashtriya Conservation Committee

40. Sree Mithun 

41. Dr SK Kharevantan 

42. DV Ramanna Reddy 

43. Kerala forward the Church

44. PC George

45. Akhil Bharatiya Ayyappa Seva Sangham

46. N Sri Prakash

47. Perunthumooli Aininchuvadu Sri Ayyappan Koil & others

48. B Radhakrishna Menon

49. Yoghakshema Sabha