Ernakulam: The Kerala police tried to implement the Supreme Court verdict in St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Cathedral in Piravom Valiyapally. The Jacobite community came in protest of the Kerala police. Some of the protesters climbed to the rooftop of the church and blackmailed the police by threatening to commit suicide. 

As per latest reports Police left from the Piravom church after huge protest and suicide threats. Further actions will be decided after Tuesday’s high court verdict, said police to media.

According to sources, many other believers stood beside the church and shouted slogans. The Jacobite believers told that they would commit suicide if the police implement the supreme court verdict which permits Orthodox believers to enter the Piravom church.

The Supreme Court ruled that the ownership of the church should be handed over to the Orthodox department. Police had come to the church at around 2:30pm as part of supreme court implementation. 

In order to gain entry, the police have so far broken the gate of the church to enter the church compound. Though the police asked the believers to cooperate with them, Orthodox believers were not ready to relent.