New Delhi: After MyNation exposed how the Kerala Police were not even sparing kids in its crackdown on those opposing the Supreme Court’s Sabarimala verdict, yet another complaint has been lodged with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) alleging brutality against children.

After the national child rights body intervened on Thursday in a case of police brutality from Thiruvananthapuram, a person from Kottayam moved the NCPCR on Friday, alleging that his minors were harassed in the middle of the night.

According to the complaint, the circle inspector of Ponkunnam police pulled down the door of the complainant’s house in the dead of the night without warning. According to the complainant, the inspector “forcefully entered my room without my permission and called abusive words and threatened me and my minor children with the intent to insult me and my family”. The incident is from the night of November 10.

The complainant added that the family was “forcefully evicted” from the house.

The children are so afraid that they are loathe to go even to school, the complaint said. “My minor children feared the police and their gangs and they are reluctant to go to anganwadi because of their mental and physical feelings,” the complainant said.

According to sources in Kerala, almost 4,000 people were arrested in the immediate aftermath of the protests that erupted after the Supreme Court's verdict on the entry of women of all age groups at the Sabarimala temple, and 170 are still languising in police custody.