Kottayam: Sister Lucy has been directed to appear before the church headquarters by Mother Superior Ann Jose on January 9. She has been asked to give an explanation. Among other allegations Lucy Kalappura has been asked to explain her participation in a channel discussion and was questioned for writing in non-Christian newspapers and publishing a book of poems using Rs 50,000 without the permission of church authorities.

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The notice says that the nun's involvement on social media cannot be appreciated. It further states that though several chances were given to her for correcting her mistakes, sister Lucy was not ready for it. 

Lucy's stand on Kerala nun rape case has led to many discussions in the state about the freedom and the individual rights of a nun. The truth lies in the irony that many nuns end up protecting the reputation of the church while the institution they serve, fails to protect them.

Meanwhile, Lucy Kalappurakkal has come forward against the article published in a famous newspaper. She said to the media, “They are using me to cover up all the mistakes done by the priests. I know that I have not done anything wrong. There is patriarchy within the church. Only a few priests are celibate. Many people are blaming nuns while they are deliberately neglecting many things committed by the priests. Therefore, such things will not affect me. I can write, not one, but ten books. The church is denying all this. They are saying that a priest does not have to be celibate, while they find a problem in nuns wearing churidar,” said sister Lucy.

She has been accused of publishing her collection of poems titled ‘Snehamazhakal’, getting a driving license, buying a Maruti Alto car, wearing churidar and publishing articles in several newspapers and journals, owned by non-Christians.

Lucy was one of the main protestors leading the strike against the delay in arresting Franco Mulakkal. Her revelations had led to many discussions. Her support to the women's wall on January 1 has sparked a controversy. 

Five nuns from a convent in Kottayam Kuravilangadu seminary staged a protest on September 8 in front of Kochi high court against Jalandhar Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who was accused of raping a nun on multiple occasions between 2014 and 2016. This might be the first incident in the history of churches where nuns held a public protest.

Meanwhile, she has mentioned that she will not be able to appear at the church headquarters as she is in Velloor, iin Kottayam district, for treatment. However, she said that she would clarify her stand as early as possible.