People of Kerala, residing in the border of Karnataka, are crossing the borders and rushing towards petrol bunks in Karnataka, to avail the benefit of cheaper petrol, diesel rates.

Petrol bunks in Talapady, Vittal and Jalsoor in Sullia in Karnataka are experiencing a mad rush while the bunks in Kerala are experiencing a significant drop in fuel buyers.

In Karnataka, petrol is cheaper by Rs 2.93 and diesel by Rs 5.07 than Kerala. In fact, upper Talapady falls under Kerala, where the petrol, diesel price is Rs 85.22 and Rs 78.80 respectively, but in Karnataka, it is Rs 82.29 and Rs 73.73.

Thus petrol bunks in areas including Perla, Vittla, Sullia, Jalsoor are making good business as these bunks are situated in the border of Karnataka and Kerala.  

It is also said there is more rush of vehicles after 10.30 PM. The people living on the border area come for a frequent fill while going to work. But those residing at a distance, travel to Karnataka and fill full tanks and return. Especially in Jalsoor, heavy motor vehicles including earth movers, buses and lorries fill petrol/diesel in the bunks situated in Karnataka.