Kochi: The Kerala high court, while considering the bail plea filed by Kunjananthan citing ill health, asked why the convict can't comfortably stay in jail.

In response to the court's criticism, Kunjananthan's advocate informed the court that he has difficulties in performing day-to-day activities and has complications while walking. 

However, the court asserted that he could lie in the prison comfortably. Along with that, the court wanted to know the duration of his stay in jail till date. It is reported that the convict was out on parole for many days. If he needs any help, other prisoners are there, the court said and demanded a report from the state government with all the details. 

The court criticised the state government too. The court said if the person is unwell then rather than sanctioning paroles, the government should have ensured he is given proper treatment.

At the same time, the state government had justified that Kunjananthan was granted parole only as per norms.

Kunjananthan (72) was convicted on January 22, 2014, in the murder of Revolutionary Marxist Party leader TP Chandrashekaran. This thirteenth convict involved in this murder case has been housed at the central prison, Kannur, since then. The special additional sessions court in Kozhikode had convicted 12 accused persons, including three CPI(M) leaders, for the crime.

From May 25, 2015, to October 2018, Kunjananthan was granted parole for more than 389 days. 

The court also observed that there are many more prisoners in the jail who cannot even walk, and those matters are not considered as serious concerns.

After instructing the advocate to inform the exact health problem, the court adjourned the hearing to February 8.

KK Rema (TP Chandrasekharan's wife) had even approached the high court for his illegal paroles.

Along with Rema, who took over the reins of the party following her husband's death, other party members such as those from the Congress and the BJP continue to point fingers at Pinarayi Vijayan.