Kochi: The Kerala high court on Friday cancelled the VS Achuthanandan government’s action of releasing 209 prisoners in 2011. On humanitarian grounds, they were released earlier before completing their jail term to mark 105th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The court also asked the governor to submit a complete report, including the name of prisoners and other details regarding those, who left jail without completing the entire term. 

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As per reports, only five prisoners had completed 14 years of jail term, and 105 prisoners had completed only ten years of jail term. The high court had advised to check the background of the prisoners, who were allowed to leave the jail in 2011.  The court also suggested that if any criminal background is still pending against them, then the person should  be taken back to the prison.

It is reported that the accused in the murder case of BJP leader KT Jayakrishnan was also allowed to leave the jail in 2011. The issue of the release of 'undeserving' convicts came to light when the current governor recently rejected the file submitted by the state government to release 36 prisoners. 

Among those convicts released in 2011, majority of them were serving term in Kannur jail.

"In Kannur, if SFI member makes any mistake, they will be taken to the police station and after a few hours, they will be released. But BJP activists will be kept in the police station for a number of hours and will even be taken to jail for no mistake of theirs. I personally have faced that, but now I hope LDF's crimes will come out very soon," said Arjun K, a BJP activist from Kannur.

There are reports that suggest that some of those released during Achuthanandan's governance belong to the LDF. They are prisoners reportedly charged with serious/heinous crimes.

"The LDF government's mischiefs are going to surface one by one. Their hypocrisy in the Sabarimala issue has already come out," said Rupesh Chirakkal, an activist.

Pinarayi Vijayan was accused of being a hypocrite by devotees as he took the help of police to ensure three women enter the Sabarimala shrine stealthily, while getting those women arrested for entering the Vavar mosque. 

Ayyappa devotees and Hindu groups alleged that Vijayan's government started to receive severe backlash following his evil decisions with respect to the Sabarimala temple.